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Le collier rouge 2018

Le collier rouge 2018

Titre: Le collier rouge 2018

Réalisateur: Jean Becker

Scénariste: Jean Becker

Casting: François Cluzet, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Sophie Verbeeck/p>

Genre: Film 2018 | Drame, Thriller

Descriptions: In a little city, under a smothering warmth in the pre-summer of 1919, a war holy person stays kept at the base of an empty military quarters. Prior to the passage, his injured doggie barks day and night. Not far starting there, in the country, a young woman, exhausted by work, though unreasonably created, making it difficult to be a clear specialist, stops and delays. The judge who needs to handle this issue is a special individual whose measures have been changed by the war. Three characters and amidst, a young doggie that holds the path to this performance. Regarder plus de papystream comme celui-ci gratuitement.
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